• Misc

    [Nikos] The departure

    My eyes were closed as a sweet euphoria covers me filling my soul. As I sip the cigarette that I hold in my fingers its scents fill me, like a mother's hug before sleep. I sit comfortably in my chair, in my office, wearing my work suit full of her scent. The one she used to wear when she was…

  • Stephanie

    [Stephanie] Chapter 4

    “He's the CEO of Zentai Pharmaceuticals. He needs an educated and trusted person to teach his son. The whole family changes countries often, for their own reasons, and they want someone who doesn't have something to keep them somewhere permanently. It's a great opportunity for you. You will get to travel,  see a lot of places, and you will actually…

  • Stephanie

    [Stephanie] Chapter 3

    I won't lie, a slight feeling of jealousy made its appearance on the surface. Even this slight though, did its job well. I blush slightly, and turn on the other side to hide it. I am impressed that I blush at something so normal and human.

  • Stephanie

    [Stephanie] Chapter 2

    The salary is normal, I get paid overtime, and I get  discount on books. Good for me, since I spend two hours a day reading. I imagine the worlds and live through the stories. It's magic! Another secret for me. I write, under a pseudonym of course, on a website with romantic stories. Successfully I dare to say.

  • Muses

    [Urania] Stars within

    11 Translation to English: Georgia Ignatiadi – georgiaignatiadi@gmail.com Editing of the english text: Cleopatra Strati Illustration: Stolis Pleiadian Notes for better experience: Musagetis = Apollo, leader of the Muses Her eyes widened in the hearth light, while her compass circled the vellum. The night had fallen several hours ago, while Urania was studying, constantly looking up and down. From the…

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    [Thomas] That end…

    7 Translation to English & Editing: Cleopatra Strati “So; Are you ready;” The familiar voice of the Angel reaches my ears. I’ve been listening to it for a while now; I can almost smell it’s divine nature. “No, she’s not awake yet,” I answer with my old, hoarse voice. A voice that once shook the walls, stentorian and kind; happy…