[Danae’s Story] Chapter 2

“My name is Stella Strafkou writer of this story and I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad.com”

Translation from greek to english: georgiaath

Illustration: Ertion Selimi

Psychology private school, undergraduate section, first year of studies

I am here. I made it… I overcame my fears and my worries and I am here. It’s the first day, first class, first period…

My building is located in the heart of Athens, close to all the places I would like to visit. The people are multicultural and interesting. I am a little nervous, but now that I’m here, I’m not backing down. A new life is starting for me… a new opportunity, with different coordinates. Not many people would do that, my mom told me, after asking me about ten times if I had thought about it carefully. At the end I got her approval and her blessing. 

My mom has changed… I don’t know why. Since my episode and my decision to take my health on my own hands, she has become more condescending. She sees things differently now. When I asked her how this came to happen, she said very wisely that she just wants me to be healthy and happy. Not just me, but my siblings too.

As I am waiting at my desk, I look outside the windows. It does not look at all like my small, simple town. Nor the small town I studied in my twenties. A nest full of ants, each of which plays their part and literally hustles to carry it out. I would not be able to work here; their paces are completely different than ours. Even though I had the same luck a while ago… The office I used to work for, was part of a multinational company. They had established this office due to the cheap rents and the easy communication with Thessaloniki. There were many times when I had to travel there, but thankfully most of the work would be done at our offices. 

The professor comes in. She is around thirty five years old, with blonde hair and a big smile. She introduces herself and welcomes us to the school. She starts talking about the importance of psychology in today’s hard times and that we will see it on our own when we complete our practice. The undergraduate section lasts three years and our postgraduate studies can be done wither in Greece or abroad. 

“So, since we met, what do you say we begin?”


“Good morning, dear! Are you doing okay?”

“Good morning, dad! I am very busy!”

“What happened? Have you started working on your first week there?”, he says playfully and laughs. 

“It’s harder than I thought. Definitions, theory and a lot of gossiping in my class!”

“Danae, don’t pay attention to that! You are there for a reason… Focus on your goal and don’t pay attention to the rest!”

“Dad, how is Max? Your book?”

“We are all doing fine! We miss you but what can you do? You had to open your wings! As far as the book is concerned… I gave it to the publisher… It will be released before Christmas. And it is the best book I’ve written so far! It will be a hit!”

We talk a little more and I hang up. It is Friday today and I have plans to go out with two girls of my class, Maria and Aggeliki. They are both twenty years old and they are planning on studying abroad once they graduate. They are the only ones I think I could hang out with. 

My house is a simple studio apartment and is good for a bed and a desk with a chair. The kitchen is in the same room and the bathroom a little further away. The view is that of the second floor – whatever that means. The guy living across me though is watching TV…

I’m not living far away from school. It’s around fifteen minutes by bus. My savings are enough since I had been working for a few years, but my parents were insisting on supporting me by paying my rent and the energy and water bills. Once I get used to my daily life, I will get a job to have some extra money. I don’t do any crazy things anymore anyway.

“So? You are leaving tomorrow!”


“Do you want me to introduce you to a doctor there? He is a great person! And he will be able to be in communication with me, so you don’t have to worry.”

“I think that would be the best, doctor.”

He writes his name and phone number on a piece of paper. I read it and laugh. 

“ ‘Mr. Strimenopoulos (Mr. Obnoxious)’?”

The doctor laughs a bit too.

“Yes! He is a young colleague; to be exact, he is only four years older than you. It hasn’t been long since he opened up his practice and he is in need of new patients. He is a great person and I’m sure you are going to like him.”

The phone rings and takes me away from my memories.

“Hey Maria!”

“Danae? You ready?”

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