Lumienda's Jewels

The pendant of eternal love | Part one

Translation from Greek to English: georgiaath
Illustration: Stolis Pleiadian

I was sure that Lumienda would catch me that night going through her jewelry to find the locket that binds two people together forever. The pendant of eternal love. I knew what it looked like. I had pretended to be a customer the day before and I supposedly had issues with my partner. Not much of a lie when you consider we’ve been together for three years, and I’m pretty sure he’s also seeing someone else.

Three years of me promising him that I would quit drinking and stop stealing purses or stealing from houses, or stores, etc. for a living. I didn’t have the best reputation with the police, to be honest. But somehow, I avoided them almost every time. What can I say? I was beyond suspicion with my pleasant and kind smile and my innocent and full of pain look while showing the police where the thief, who pushed me to the pavement in order to escape, went. Obviously, I was going the other side after.

Yeah…let’s just say I broke my promise to Luther. But believe me, he was the one who started it. If I hadn’t found evidence proving his infidelity, I would sit still, quietly waiting for us to take the big step. Yes, I am talking about marriage, but in the sense of companionship. It was certainly never my dream to wear a wedding dress, but I could wear an ivory-colored dress. But that f@%^&ng mobile number kept calling some nights we were together. I only saw the last three digits, but still that was enough. Then he came up with some silly excuses that he had some work in Sparta and had to leave for a few days. Another time he went as far as Alexandroupolis for a week. The next city I expect to hear about is something like London, Paris, Hong Kong… He could actually do it.

So here I am, inside Lumienda’s jewelry store, looking for the pendant to save my relationship. A desperate move I’d say, since I don’t believe in love potions, let alone magic items. But Lumienda and her jewelry have their own reputation. It is said that you can charm the person of your interest by wearing a simple ring with a stone, or a tiara with pearls, or whatever Lumienda offers. The mystery woman, with her long blue hair and warm dark eyes, is always eager to listen and offer or even make a ring with the exact properties you want. She is around 35 to 40 years old, with beautiful thin features and fingers always dirty from her art.

I never asked how much the pendant cost, because obviously I knew I would steal it from her the next night. Its stone, the red jasper would do all the work. It would increase sexuality and fertility. Would it turn me into a Femme Fatale? I don’t know… Would it make me a mother? I don’t know… But I had to try.

With eyes trained in the dim light I soon spotted the case of the jewelry she had shown me. The frozen shop didn’t have any electronic security for burglars like me. It was like Lumienda wanted you to steal from her. With my gloves I open the glass frame, and I pull out the plush, rolled-up case. I place it on the frame and open it holding my breath.

The pendant I was looking for stood up among the others. I pick it up carefully studying it in the light of my flashlight. Oval stone, with patterns of silver surrounding it, and a blood-red stone. it shone beautifully and subtly in my hand. And then I hear them… some whispering voices from the other room of the shop. Words which I did not understand as they were spoken so softly that only a dog could possibly hear them. They slowly started speaking louder but I still didn’t understand a word.

With my hair on end, I walk out the wooden door of the store, closing my lens with one hand, and holding the pendant with the other. I look around the empty, cold sidewalk and there was no one at such a time. I let out a breath and gather myself. I found what I wanted, and it was time to go away and go back to our house. Luther returns tomorrow from his “trip”.

I hang the jewel around my neck. I feel it warm against my skin, probably from holding it in my palm for so long. Who cares if it looks nice on me or not. It just needs to do its job.

I go two roads down where I had parked, with the gloves in the pocket of my jacket. Although it is March, it is still chilly in Athens. I get into my car and drive off. The music from the radio
starts playing keeping me company, and I hear old Ma Baker song.

Here is a special bulletin
Ma Baker is the FBI’s most wanted woman
Her photo is hanging on every post office wall
If you have any information about this woman
Please contact the nearest police station

I smile and I turn it all the way up into the car, while going through the narrow streets of Piraeus towards the exit at Georgiou Lambrakis to head towards Faliro. Soon more famous 90’s songs start playing. It must be a tribute to that decade. Sweet Dreams, Finally, What Is Love and many more.

Arriving under our apartment building, I open the garage door of the underground communal garage and turn off the radio. Quiet and calm, I park in my place and get out of the car. I am climbing up the stairs up to the second floor until I arrive outside the door of
our apartment. I pull down the hood of the black jacket and I open the door. I enter our house, a spacious three-bedroom apartment with walls in the color of light and dark blue. I leave the keys on the kitchen table and undress on the spot, throwing the clothes down.

The shower is waiting for me with the water being already hot as I took care of it before leaving. Even though the idea of filling the bathtub was tempting, I did not want to wait this long. I wash my long hair and remain under the hot water looking at the pendant on my chest. Although I didn’t remember hitting it anywhere, it had one small crack on one side. It didn’t seem serious though… it may have already been there.

I get out of the shower and look in the mirror to see if I had transformed into a femme fatale. My face looked the same; two ordinary brown eyes, black curly hair, two small, almost invisible lips and a nose that looks like a potato. Nothing…

Disappointed, I put on my pajamas and lie alone on our double bed, looking out into the darkness of the street. It would be dawn soon. And I, Sarah, would have to get up to tidy up our house. With tears in my eyes, I fall into a short dreamless sleep.

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