Pablo Chapter 5 | About 250 years ago

Translation to English: Theofilos Tourzaridis
Editing and Proofreading: Cleopatra Strati
Illustration: ancalove2001

“Good morning Pablo.”

“Good morning…” Pablo glances behind him to see his co-worker tailor and cuts himself with the scissors. Blood begins to flow from his finger. He looks for a piece of cloth to stop the bleeding and cover the wound.

“Get it together. The Duke will pass by soon! We must be ready for his visit. He is the best client,” Bork tells him, trying to tidy the place up. 

Pablo gets up and starts pacing the room. He and Bork have been part of the Royal Court of France for the last 10 years. They sew all the clothing of the Royals. Their success stroke them suddenly as Pablo was wondering how to raise his brother after the death of their parents; when working for nothing, the Duke walked into their store and after checking their work, he offered them a permanent position in the court of Louis IE. Not knowing how to react they kneeled and thanked him and the God for their unexpected luck. 

Bork had a family to raise and Pablo had his 10-year-old brother. They both had to survive. Especially lately when work has been going from bad to worse. They both knew that they had to work hard to avoid losing their jobs, but they were both hard workers. Pablo had also met the woman he wanted to marry, Anita, who after three years of marriage gave him a strong son. His son is 7 years old and already commanding the house and trying to learn his father’s job.

The Duke checks out his new outfit for the prom. He asked them to deliver his outfit to the palace as soon as possible tomorrow morning because afterward, he is going out for his morning walk. The day goes smoothly and Bork gives Pablo the rest of the afternoon off. Anita has cooked his favorite food and his son Aaron shows him a piece of fabric he had cut and sewn for the neighbor’s daughter’s that had a naked doll. Pablo puts his hand on his son’s shoulder telling him to take care of his mother as he walks away. Aaron smiles and says “I’ll be mom’s knight and won’t let anyone mess with her”. Pablo gives his wife a goodbye kiss.

It’s raining outside and his shoes are filled with mud. He doesn’t care. He makes his way to the forest where he will surrender his soul to the Beast. He had to do it. Ten years ago Pablo and his brother were ready to die, and with the deal he made, they lived 10 years richly. His brother is now in a good financial status. He has the family he wanted. His wife Anita and his son Aaron would live without any financial problems. Bork won’t let them be helpless. Bork stood like a father to him all these years; it’s also true that without Bork Pablo couldn’t make it. Tears flow from his eyes as he reaches the entrance of the forest. In a little while it will be all over. If it is true everything he heard about the Beast, hell is going to be his home from now on; for an eternity. He wipes his tears and walks with a sure and restrained step.


Pablo was startled and turned to see who spoke to him. A beautiful woman with black hair and black eyes, holding a torch. She is smiling.

“Witch…” he replies and stares at her.

“Are you ready to serve our Master?” she asks him laughing.

“Where is the Beast? Why he is not here?” Pablo asks to earn some more time.

“He doesn’t pay any attention either to you or to anybody else. You’re another soul for him; another soul for hell. Master has more serious matters to deal with” the Witch hisses like a snake.

“Make it quick…”.

“No, … I’ll enjoy it…” the Witch replies, and attacks. The pain is indescribable. Sometimes the scorching heat of the fire and sometimes the cold knife that rushed into every part of his body. Until his soul surrendered by calling his son’s name.

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