[Stephanie] Chapter 3


Translation to English: Georgia Ignatiadi –

Illustration: Dimitra Adamopoulou (Dimi Adam)

Our breaths heavy and the synchronized pace satisfactory, like two well-oiled machines that work complementary to one another. Kostas has learned my body and I have learned his, and soon I feel the thrill of the moment, and a sweet euphoria wash over my body with a direct impact on the headache that was starting to set in.

“Are you OK ?” he asked me

“Yes, I’m fine, you;” I ask him

“I was fine. I had been hooking up with a girl a few days ago so I was fine. But I didn’t want to leave you troubled” he answered.

I won’t lie, a slight feeling of jealousy made its appearance on the surface. Even this slight though, did its job well. I blush slightly, and turn on the other side to hide it. I am impressed that I blush at something so normal and human.

“I think…I’m harmonizing with her…I just want you to know because next time I might not pick up the phone.”

“Yes, I understand…” I answer him, as I get out of bed and start to get dressed. I wipe the jealousy and frustration from my face, grab my bag, and walk out of his house. At least the withdrawal symptoms stopped, I’d be fine for a while.

I look at my cell phone, and I see a call from Rafael.

“Come on girl, I’ve been looking for you!” the cheerful Raphael can be heard, with full music in the background. A smile appears on my lips.

“Where are you dude? I was with Kostas, and now I saw your call.”

“With that fool again? Cut him off girl… the other day I saw him with a woman, I forgot to tell you. I hope he behaved well and at least told you!”

“Surprisingly, yes he told me. We broke it off, it was our last this time.”

“I hope you did not get upset because you’re a sensitive one… I’ll find you better ones!”

“Hahaha! Tell me where you are so I can come find you!” I tell him impatiently.

“This is how I like you girl!” he answers me and gives me the address of the shop.

The shop is called Asoti Zoi, new, in Keramikos, and it took the taxi driver a long time to find it. Raphael was always going to new places .He tends to get bored of the same things. He was waiting for me outside, and motioned the doorman that I was with him.

Everyone was up and dancing to the DJ’s rhythms, and together with Raphael we approached the bar with difficulty to order our drinks. Tall, with a fit body, brown hair and eyes, and a huge smile, Rafael has been my friend for several years now. Then, when I was in harmony with Fotis, almost six years now. He was the first to realize the lies Fotis was feeding me. Military and five years my senior, he was already in harmony with Leah, his wife. Except I didn’t know about it all, and when I thought I was living love. Raphael saw him one day with his wife, and took a picture of them. I was at home when that shattered all my dreams.

“How are you doing my girl?” Raphael asks me, taking a long gulp of the Jack he ordered.

“Same old … Nothing new… work’s fine, the days are flying by” I answer him, almost shouting so he can hear me .

“You need a change in your life. I’m leaving for Crete in two days. I will stay for about a semenster to work there. A friend is opening a club, and he needs a trusted manager. If you want I can talk him into you taking a position. What do you think ?” he asks me

“I don’t think so… I’ve found my rhythm here. Madeleine treats me great I wouldn’t want to ground her by leaving suddenly.”

“Hmm… think about it anyway!”

“I will!” I answer him and drink the rest of my drink in one go. I feel a sweet warmth.

A little later, I walk out of the bar behind a group of young men with their girlfriends. A guy in his forties in the corner seems to be watching us all, smoking his cigar. Tall, in a collared suit, black hair with some white highlights. I take the first taxi that crosses the road ahead. I look around the corner again, the guy had already disappeared.

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